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The DrawerBox™ solves all of your issues.


Comickaze is pleased to offer the DrawerBox™ Storage System, the comic collecting hobby's only complete organizational and storage system.

And the best part is it is completely modular!

You can select the components that best fit your needs and add to them as your collection grows. The system is designed to be space efficient by being stackable up to 6' high taking advantage of all the vertical height you have available.

Or they can be arranged side-by-side in short stacks to fit under or on top of a table, all connected by BoxLox™ Box Anchors so any slippage or tipping is eliminated. The short boxes are designed to be short enough to fit in the shallowest of closets yet still provide the maximum amount of storage capacity. Long and short DrawerBoxes can even be tied together with our BoxLox to fit unusual spaces.

Just released!

The CGC / Magazine DrawerBox.  Extra tall and wide to accomodate CGC slabs and full size magazines.  We also stock BoxSortTM Rails and BoxLoxTM 

Qty Discounts Available for DrawerBoxes and all comic supplies.

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