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GI Joe The Rise of Cobra The Official Movie Adaptation #1 Comickaze Variant


Made exclusively for Comickaze guests of a special screening of GI Joe The Rise of Cobra movie.

Denton J. Tipton (w) o Casey Maloney (a) o Maloney (c)

The smash-hit movie begins here in part one of this special weekly series! You want to know what the characters look like? How they translate to the big screen? What Cobra's evil plans are? Then you MUST BUY THIS BOOK!

James McCullen is shipping NATO's first order of nanomites, a new high tech weapon, a NATO military team lead by Duke & Rip Cord are tasked with getting the nanomites to the airport so they can be flown to their final destination. The Baroness leads an attack on the convoy and nearly escapes with the nanomites as Joe team members Scarlett, Snake Eyes & Heavy Duty arrive to help Duke save the nanomites from Cobra.

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