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Mill Case Comic Book Holder 5pk


Produced by Millennium Case Storage Solutions, the Mill Case is a 100% acid free storage case.

Its plastic construction is chemically more stable than Mylar resulting in less off-gassing and it absorbs moisture at one-third (1/3) the rate and the Clam-Shell design minimizes dust and fits in a normal comic long box. It is high-impact resistant, thus protecting the comic from rugged handling.

This is Across-the Board superior performance. No unsightly backing board. The Mill Case allows viewing of front and back covers of the comic. No tape necessary! Prevents spine creases from mishandling, never accidnetly fold corners again, and the cases stack neatly to avoid packing" damage caused by half-full boxes.

Measures 7.5 x 10.5" 1/4 of an inch thick Fits Current/Modern size comics

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